“From cell death to cancer immunotherapy”: The EMBO Podcast with Professor Honjo

The history of science is full of interesting stories. Some of the most pathbreaking discoveries in research have happened under the most unlikely circumstances. Despite enormous investments in research and innovation, there have been only very few fundamental breakthroughs in cancer treatment since the introduction of chemotherapy. In this fascinating podcast with EMBO Journal, Prof. Tasuku Honjo recounts how a serendipitous discovery in his laboratory, followed by a series of unlikely experiments and failed efforts, eventually resulted in the development of a whole new class of cancer drugs that have added powerful new treatment options to an increasing range of malignancies. While the path of research is fundamentally open and unpredictable, this powerful story also demonstrates what drives many of the most important advances in science: an open mind, endless curiosity, and a spirit to never giving-up. It also reminds us that, in science today, innovation often happens within a collective of people, and at intersections where researchers with different backgrounds, specialties, orientations, and even experience levels work together and challenge conventional assumptions.

The EMBO Podcast: