Center for Cancer Immunotherapy and Immunobiology

Multi-Omics Platform
Together with our collaborators at Kyoto University and in industry, we have been building a powerful new multi-omics platform to accelerate research into interactions between cancer and the immune system. This platform is available to all scientists at CCII and Kyoto University.

Research Focus

Harnessing Immuno-metabolomics for the Identification of Biomarkers and the Accurate Assessment of Immune System States

The immune system is preferentially nutrient-demanding, enabling it to respond promptly to infections and cancers. This demand triggers the metabolic remodeling of specific subsets of immune cells from the earliest stages of activation, which leads to a detectable footprint of metabolites in the blood. Consequently, monitoring these metabolites provides a powerful means to accurately evaluate the state of the immune system, potentially predicting the severity of infections, the likelihood of developing autoimmune diseases, and the efficacy of cancer immunotherapies. However, the correlation between the state of the immune system, specifically the activation of particular immune cell subsets, and the resulting serum metabolite profile remains unclear.

At the CCII, we aim to employ advanced mass spectrometry techniques to extensively investigate metabolite markers linked with specific immune cell activations. The primary goals are to develop:

Furthermore, utilizing a variety of disease models and immunodeficient mice, we intend to pinpoint the metabolic pathways required for the activation and functionality of specific immune cells. Through the identification of these metabolic pathways, we plan to devise interventional therapies that enhance immune cell function by replenishing metabolites necessary for desirable immune responses, such as those involved in cancer immunity. Inversely, by identifying metabolic pathways that inhibit specific immune cells, we could unveil potential targets for metabolic interventions to suppress hypersensitivity reactions, autoimmune diseases, and the cytokine storms often observed in severe infectious diseases.

We aim at advancing the above research in the context of both clinical and basic research. 



Recruitment & Contact

We are permanently recruiting highly motivated students, postdoctoral fellows, and technical staff regardless of previous scientific backgrounds.

Please contact us using CCII’s contact form or by directly sending an email to Please indicate in which position and subject area you are interested in and that your inquiry is about our platform.

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